The Real Story of My Name


Anna Dunn, mentioned in my last post, cleared up the mystery of my name. 

“The real story of your name was this: your dad had hired me to answer his phone (he put in an outside ringer) while he was on calls. I supposed my hire was mostly to sit with your mother during her last trimester. We set about deciding on names. Your mother had a book, I don’t remember if it was a dictionary or a bible, but it had a list of both boy and girl names. I would run down each list and watch for expressions on Martha’s face. I had mentioned Martha before as your name but I don’t think Howard wanted two Martha’s in the house. Your mom liked Elizabeth and it became a shoe-in when I said that I had found a perfect name. Mispronounced as A–Gath-A.”

Thanks Anna…I am so glad to hear this story. It brings tears to my eyes!!! I guess in many ways, we are all responsible for keeping the history of those around us. Thank you so much. One thing I am realizing as I write down these stories is that they are just my memory and may not be authentically correct. We truly live in our own reality!


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